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Our goal is to establish a new exlusive and niche Kaqun bath that makes available mainly anti-aging therapies aim to rejuvenate the body, intensive bath and drinking cures for athletes to enhance performance and accelerate rehabilitation and proven effective cures for cancer prevention and recovery.

Kaqun technology

KAQUNTM is a technology that is allowed to produce a unique molecular structure water that contains and store oxygen in a characteristically stable and bound form.

With KAQUNTM, extra oxygen can be taken into your body, a higher tissue partial oxygen level can be achieved, thereby your cells can function in their “younger age” status. The extra oxygen provided by KAQUNTM supports the better function of the cells and thereby your whole body.

KAQUNTM is available as a bottled drinking water and as a bath. The production takes place in Hungary using springwater from a nature reserve.

KAQUNTM water is not a drug or a miracle cure. It is a scientific fact that after KAQUNTM water get into our body we can experience positive physiological changes.

KAQUNTM bath water is locally produced from the local pipeline water, therefore possible extra filtering and purifying might be needed.

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physiological effects of KAQUN water

Research and experience shows that during the consumption of KAQUNTM drinking water and/or use of KAQUNTM bath the quantity of the natural killer cells increases. The number of these cells is an important marker of the healthy immune system.

This special water is able to resolve hypoxia (the lack of oxygen in the body) without side-effects.


Many who have experienced consistent KAQUNTMWater Therapy have repeatedly celebrated their results to have:

  • Significantly reduced healing time of wounds and injuries
  • Enhanced skin texture and radiance, reducing signs of aging
  • Maximized effects/results of athletic work-outs/competitions

For whom KAQUN bath is recommended?

KAQUNTM bath is recommended for everyone without regard to age. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our colleagues in KAQUNTM bath, who are happy to help you.



Products / KAQUN drinking water

KAQUN drinking water

KAQUNTM drinking water is a purified dissolved oxygen-rich drinking water with low mineral content made by a special KAQUN SYSTEMᵀᴹ process. There are no chemicals used in the production of KAQUNTM and there is no high pressure oxygen intake.

More information about KAQUNTM drinking water

Products / KAQUN bath

KAQUN bath

The bath takes place in single bathtubs, where a bath is 50 minutes long in a slightly alkaline oxygen rich water at a temperature of 38 °C (100 °F). During the bath beyond the positive physiological effects of the KAQUNTM water, it exerts a positive effect on the muscles and joints, and a relaxing, comforting effect on the whole body.

The number of the physical well-being baths is individualised, for more information please contact our KAQUNTM bath clubs.

Products / KAQUN Gel


KAQUNTM gel is produced from high oxygen content KAQUNTM water containing its advantages.

KAQUNTM Gold gel is known by its 24 carat gold content.


Annual membership card fee: 20.000 HUF. Contains 1 free bath.



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